• Bale Wrap App

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Must I complete the twine section if I already know that I want to use the net wrap or light net wrap options?

Yes, you must put minimal data in (number of wraps, cost per ball and length of ball—use the minimum presets) so the calculator can give you some basic values for the calculator to compare.

Question 2: How do I use the tool for projecting ROI on future purchases of improvements like stone pads or buildings?

Once you have completed your data entry in screens one and two, the app will give you some very direct feedback on savings in different scenarios on Screen 3, Summary Tab.

Initially you will be shown how much you are losing given your current wrap and storage methods in your climate. This data may be further examined by opening the Climate and Storage Results Tab.

Looking at the storage alternate methods will show the difference in loss between your method and other methods. If there is a negative number to the left of your method, that would be added to your loss, numbers to the right of your storage method would be savings in losses not incurred by changing your storage method (additional savings). Using those savings you can begin to calculate the cost of your new construction and the cost of return. Remember, you can build in changes in costs in your costs per bale if you want to examine variable commodity pricing of bales in the future….

Question 3: If I don’t use Net Wrap or Twine Wrap, where can I get information about costs and spool length?

You may visit your local authorized New Holland Dealer, visit your trusted local vendor or visit the New Holland Genuine Parts Store online (may require you to register) to establish prices for Net Wrap or Twine Wrap.

Question 4: Where can I get more information about New Holland Balers?

Please visit your local authorized New Holland Dealer or the New Holland North American website